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Metro now available

Postby Jerm » Wed May 13, 2009 1:35 pm

All new purchases (since Jun-2007) include access to this version. There is an upgrade price of $34.99 to upgrade any flavor of Metro 6.x before 6.4 to 6.4.6. Upgrades from 6.4.x are free.

For a limited time get a free Modelonia with certain purchases in our store. For details click here.

Once you have purchased a license you may download our software here.

IMPORTANT: The official system requirements have changed as of 6.1.

IMPORTANT: Metro Documents written with this version will NOT be readable in any version prior to Metro/Metro SE version 6.4.3.

We want our software to be bug free. If you find any bugs please report them here.

New to this version:
    • Remember the last controller view for each track.
    • Option in plug-ins contextual menu 'Do Not Set Program On Open' works around a problem with Vember Audio's Surge.
    • Option in the real time arpeggiator for auto sync. When off sync is free running and no longer relative to the bar and beat position.
    • Option in the real time arpeggiator allows the user to set the number of velocity steps independent of the number of rhythm steps.
    • Further optimizations of the audio engine.
Fixed in this version:
    • It is now possible to copy or cut a sequence and have the plug-ins instantiated on aux busses restored on paste.
    • Maximum system exclusive (sysex) buffer size has been increased to 2 megabytes.
    • Clearing a track that contained only MIDI controller automation data would not immediately refresh properly in the graphic editor.
    • The ability to import via drag and drop, larger MIDI files.
    • Better core audio support.
    • Improved on the fly audio recording including overdubbing muting inappropriately.
    • Undo of a section clear now works properly.
    • In some cases remote control would stop functioning after the play head passed the record punch out point during punch-in recording.
    • In some cases mixing tracks would not produce audio if certain tracks were muted.
    • Exporting a movie was not explicitly setting the default playback rate to normal speed.
    • Shifting certain automation data when no audio exists would sometimes fail.
    • Jukebox would update mysteriously after last song played if overall looping was off.
    • Using the scale time feature on an audio and MIDI track would sometimes fail on the MIDI side.
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