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Metro Released

Postby Jerm » Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:03 pm

All new purchases (since Jun-2007) include access to this version. The upgrade price for any flavor of Metro 6.x before 6.4 is $34.99. Upgrades from 6.4.x are free.

For a limited time get a free virtual instrument plug-in with certain purchases in our store. For details click here.

Once you have purchased a license you may download our software here.

IMPORTANT: The official system requirements have changed as of 6.1.

IMPORTANT: Metro Documents written with this version will NOT be readable in any version prior to Metro/Metro SE version 6.4.9.

We want our software to be bug free. If you find any bugs please report them here.

New to this version:
    • Fast forward implemented in the windows version.
Fixed in this version:
    • The Master output is now auto-unmuted upon startup.
    • Copying and pasting to empty tracks did not always restore the copied outputs.
    • Pasting tracks assigned to virtual instruments into a new section, in some cases, would not create new outputs properly.
    • Depending on the multiple monitor configurations, Metro popups could occur on the wrong screen of a multiple monitor setup.
    • In some cases missing ports were not being reported by the Port Change Dialog.
    • The dragging of regions in the track editor was not working properly if the start of the selection was not visible.
    • Improved stability.
    • Work around for Quicktime problems provides better stability when editing movies (Windows only).
    • Handle shut down properly (Windows only).
    • Handle wake from sleep properly (Windows only).
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