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Metro 6.5 Released

Postby Jerm » Tue May 31, 2011 2:00 pm

All new purchases (since Jun-2007) include access to this version. The upgrade price for any flavor of Metro 6.x before 6.4 is $34.99. Upgrades from 6.4.x are free.
For a limited time get a free virtual instrument plug-in with certain purchases in our store. For details click here.

Once you have purchased a license you may download our software here.

IMPORTANT: Metro Documents written with this version will NOT be readable in any version prior to Metro/Metro SE version 6.5.

We want our software to be bug free. If you find any bugs please report them here.

New to this version: 6.5
    • First windows version with standard music notation and printing.
    • Notation sizing option allows notation to be bigger or smaller.
    • Drum symbols can be specified for standard music notation drum tracks.
    • Real-time dragging gives you what you see is what you get (and what you hear) in real time while dragging. No more grey outlines for most dragging operations including standard music notation.
    • Spray can tool has been signigicantly enhanced to include the scale spray and the phrase paste feature. The scale spray feature allows the user to draw and drag scales in real-time with the duration specified optionally by the end of the drag (fit to drag) or by the graphic editor step duration. The phrase paste feature allows the user to drag and draw copies of the clipboard, multiple times, transposed by the cursors y position. Double click the spray paint tool to set spray paint tool options.
    • Keyboard window's real-time arpeggiator has many new features, including:
      • Patterns up to 32 steps
      • A new row for specifying the note index combination (chords). Any combination of notes of the first 7 notes being played can be specified in each step of the arpeggiator.
      • Better display of rests.
      • MIDI learn (right-click) for "arpeggiator on" and "pattern select" functions.
    • Record generated notes only option for recording MIDI data that is generated by plug-ins only. This option is accessed from the effects window by right-clicking on an instantiated plug-in that is able to output MIDI.
    • Global highlight color specified in preferences is saved and restored with the Metro document.
    • Plug-ins window support sub-sorting so that if the user changes the sort column, the previous sort column becomes the secondary sort criteria.
    • Plug-ins window has an option for re-scanning plug-ins. This function forces the user to save or discard the current document before it rescans. Useful if you were already running Metro when a new plug-in is installed or, under windows, if you change the default plug-in location from preferences.
    • Clicking on the support or sales email address in the about dialog brings up the default email program.
    • A warning message shows in the graphic editor when software audio through feedback protection is activated.
    • Improved cross platform document transportability.
    • Outputs added to the graphic editor track titlebar's contextual menu for Aux buss and Master views.
    • In the graphic editor Master view, Add Fadeout Automation, added to contextual menu for quickly adding a fadeout to all tracks.
    • User specifiable VST plug-in parameter ranges by clicking on the ranges in the graphic editor. These ranges are maintained for each plug-in. (Not supported on PPC computers).
    • The demo version will print one page of notation with a water mark.

Fixed in this version:
    • Better automatic notation and many fixes to the notation engine.
    • A looped audio track cued beyond the end may not have cued properly.
    • In some cases the Render function of Mix or Render Tracks would not render the first audio buffer.
    • It was possible to view aux send volume and aux send pan even if there were no aux busses.
    • Some audio settings were not being restored properly. (Windows only).
    • Audio waveform data out of range could cause graphic anomalies in the graphic editor. Other minor cosmetic changes to the waveform display.
    • USB drives can be ejected directly after a file is saved to it. (Windows only)
    • Help tags were leaking graphic objects. (Windows only)
    • Clicking on the search triangle (plug-ins or jukebox windows) clears the current search criteria. (Windows only)
    • Resizing the jukebox could cause the buttons to wander. (Windows only)
    • Popup buttons in the jukebox window popup and on the first click. (Windows only)
    • Right-clicking the sections windows title bar causes a menu to popup which allows you to open the path to the Metro document in explorer. (Windows only)
    • An error message will now popup if the number of graphic objects are leaking to give the user a chance to save before windows screws up the display. If this problem occurs it almost certainly indicates a bug in a plug-in as Metro makes every conceivable effort to avoid this problem. (Windows only)
    • Long sysex messages would not always be sent properly. (Windows only)
    • A crash could have occurred when moving the cursor to the event editor. (Windows only)
    • A crash could have occurred if a very long file name was encountered while scanning for plug-ins. (Windows only)
    • Duplicate file names could creep into the recent files menu. (Windows only)
    • Improved multi-monitor support. (Windows only)
    • Support for the keystroke remote control command. (Windows only)
    • In rare cases it was impossible to switch out of SMPTE Display or Bar Display mode from the switches menu.
    • Metro was not honoring if a new version of a plug-in changed its editors window size, usually causing truncation.
    • The audio setup dialog comes up automatically if no audio devices are specified at startup.
    • The current duration is restored properly even if the parts per quarter note has been changed.
    • Rhythm Explorer will no longer auto revert the current track just because the selection has changed.
    • Track and selection properly restored after an undo of the Harmony function.
    • Notation window could lose its status bar and/or tool bar after resizing.
    • Metro will now always change the track duration after the insert time or delete time function are performed.
    • Duplicate aux buss names could have resulted from a paste operation.
    • The waveform icon in the graphics editor that appeared only when an audio track was active has been removed since it was inconsistent to have that option be selectable only for audio when it also affects the way MIDI is edited. It remains in the switches menu as Region Editing.
    • Improved paging support for popup menus with massive numbers of items.
    • Groove quantize failed if the PPQ (parts per quarter note) was changed.
    • If an input audio port was out of range and there were no audio inputs an out of range error dialog would pop up. Now it is simply ignored.
    • Switching a tracks output from soft synth (vsti) to MIDI or visa versa could have affected the timing of that track.
    • Holding down the control key causes Metro to not check for new versions when the about box is displayed. In certain versions of Quicktime, when no internet connection is active, this could have caused a crash. Usually on startup.
    • Slightly less sensitive software audio through feedback protection.
    • Adding/subtracting values in the continuous data dialog to audio volume works more consistently.
    • A crash could have occurred when changing audio devices (Windows only).
    • In some rare cases it was possible that the Metronome would not function.
    • A compiler bug was causing Chord Progression insertion to fail (Mac only).
    • Dragging all tracks in the tracks window down and to the right could have caused a crash or other problems and was not undoable.
    • Canceling out of the mix or render dialog could have brought up an erroneous error message.
    • It was possible that audio recording could end prematurely.
    • Several other fixes and feature and performance enhancements.

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