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Metro Released

Postby Jerm » Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:46 pm

All new purchases (since Jun-2007) include access to this version. The upgrade price for any flavor of Metro 6.x before 6.4 is $34.99. Upgrades from 6.4.x are free.
For a limited time get a free virtual instrument plug-in with certain purchases in our store. For details click here.

Once you have purchased a license you may download our software here.

IMPORTANT: Metro Documents written with this version will NOT be readable in any version prior to Metro/Metro SE version 6.5.

We want our software to be bug free. If you find any bugs please report them here.

New to this version:
    • Support for documents with a very large amount of measures (Previous limit was 9999).
    • Record MIDI from VST plug-ins by selecting the input device from the tracks input device column popup. The plug-in must have 'record' enabled via the plug-in's contextual menu popup before it will show in the input device column popup. This makes recording from VST's more consistent with regular recording.
    • Support for documents with more the 4 billion samples.
    • In the graphic editor the cursor changes to show what will happen on a mouse click.
    • When an existing file is overwritten (via save) Metro now copies the old file to a temporary file named 'tmp.bysq' and then after the save is successfully completed, the temporary file is deleted. This makes it possible to recover any file in the case that some catastrophic hardware or software error occurs during a save.
    • Horizontal and vertical zoom in the graphic editor are saved and restored across application launches.
    • The notepad supports colored text. (Windows only)

Fixed in this version:
    • Metro now writes VST chunk data in one pass. This was causing a severe problem with certain NI plug-ins that change the length of their chunk data (seemingly randomly) over two consecutive calls. The problem could manifest in data file corruption or a crash.
    • In certain cases the transport window would now have the correct visibility when a document was opened.
    • Certain edits in the Effects window would cause the track to mysteriously change.
    • When loading plug-ins, audio output channels are verified and if necessary, conformed. Previously this minor problem could result in missing outputs in the output contextual menu.
    • Help tags were interfering with clicks in the Effects window if an effect had no editor.
    • Dragging notes in the graphic editor did not work properly if the switches menu 'Playback Scrolling' was set to 'All'.
    • Drag and drop is more accurate in its destination times especially when originating from the Jukebox window.
    • Dragging files from the jukebox now shows the file being dragged with transparency on the PC (already did so on Mac).
    • No checking for a new version is performed until the about box is manually shown and checking for a new version is selected in preferences. This works around a bug in certain versions of Quicktime that causes a crash when no internet connection was found.
    • Cueing past the end of an audio track would sometimes not playback properly.
    • Smoother audio playback on start and stop.
    • In rare instances Software Audio Through would inexplicably become disabled.
    • Weird problems would occur on playback if an old offline audio device was selected in an aux buss. Metro now displays an error.
    • Translucent dragging now supported under Windows XP.
    • For long sysex messages a progress dialog is presented (Windows only).
    • A crash could occur if the sections event windows was following play back and a different section than the currently playing section was selected.
    • Toggling the loop control in the sections event window would not reflect the loop in the graphic editor master view. (Mac Only)
    • The continuous audio data dialog now applies to the current selection. The values outside of the current selection are restored.
    • The continuous MIDI data dialog would only work correctly if the current controller was selected in the graphics editor window.
    • Slightly faster drawing of digital audio overviews.
    • It was difficult, if not impossible, to resize a very small digital audio region (one pixel) in the graphics editor by grabbing its resize handle.
    • It is now easier to select notes with very short durations.
    • It is now easier to click on the downward pointing triangle in the Effects window.
    • The pitch bend display of the graphic editor was not working properly in all cases. (Windows only)
    • Define silence (from the audio menu) was completely broken. (Windows only)
    • Set and Restore Cue menu items were completely broken. (Windows only)
    • Improved mouse wheel support. (Windows only)
    • More 'quality presets' in the MP3 tab of the preferences dialog. (Windows only)
    • Workaround a Windows 7 bug whereby upon selecting a folder the default would be out of view.
    • Dragging of bar lines was difficult if edit quantizing was enabled.
    • Opening an old Metro document no longer sets the columns in the track window incorrectly in certain cases.
    • Real-time editing when a subsection was selected could cause problems.
    • Undo was was resetting the selected tracks incorrectly in certain cases.
    • Workaround a problem in Vember Audio's Surge plug-in that causes the menu bar to become inaccessible. (Mac only)
    • Re-scanning plug-ins from the plug-ins window with no plug-ins failed.
    • A number of minor miscellaneous bug fixes.
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