Metro 7.0.1 Now Available

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Metro 7.0.1 Now Available

Postby Jerm » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:56 pm

The upgrade price for any version of Metro 6 is $34.99. Users who purchases upgrades after 9/4/2012 can receive a free upgrade by sending an email to: info at Be sure to include your date of purchase and your serial number.

Once you have purchased a license you may download our software here.

IMPORTANT: Metro Documents written with this version will NOT be readable in any version prior to version 6.5.1.

We want our software to be bug free. If you find any bugs please report them here.

Info on version 7.0 can be found here.

New to this version: 7.0.1
    • Metro LX is supported. (Windows)
    • It is now possible to import multiple audio files in one step by dragging them into the graphic editor, tracks window or dropping them on the application icon.
    • support for jBridge. If jBridge is installed, any encountered 32 bit plug-in in a 64 bit environment (and visa versa), will load as a bridged plug-in automatically.
    • Mixer window can now be floated (switch menu) for better multi-monitor support. (Windows)

Fixed in this version:
    • When editing subsection in real time, some changes would not be noticed until playback was restarted.
    • Output ports in the define output dialog and in the mixer window were not being shown correctly in certain cases depending on the scope.
    • Expanding subsections would not assign and create the correct mixer channels if multiple tracks were assigned to a soft-synth track insert within one of the subsections.
    • ‘Trim outputs to Tracks’ was erroneously removing outputs that had plug-ins instantiated on them.
    • Metro LX was not allowing 32 bit audio output to be selected in the ‘Mix or Render tracks’ dialog.
    • A crash could have occurred when using the spray paint tool into a drum view.
    • The newer spray paint modes have been enhanced to better work with drum views.
    • Help tags were showing unhelpful information during drags. (Windows)
    • A possible crash could have occurred if a USB device was plugged or unplugged during the qualification dialog. (Windows)
    • Several other bug fixes.

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