Metro 7.1 Now Available

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Metro 7.1 Now Available

Postby Jerm » Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:53 pm

The upgrade price for any version of Metro 6 is $34.99 and can be purchased here. This update is free for Metro 7 users.

Once you have purchased a license you may download our software here.

IMPORTANT: Metro Documents written with this version will NOT be readable in any version prior to version 6.5.2.

We want our software to be bug free. If you find any bugs please report them here.

New to this version: 7.1
    Revolution Arpeggiator
      • Multiple simultaneously running independently assignable arpeggiators. Each track can be assigned to one of the eight arpeggiators.
      • Each arpeggiator step can revolve up and down one or two different musical scales or chords.
      • Compatibility with Korg Triton arpeggiator including import of Korg Triton arpeggiator system exclusive data.
      • Velocity modes: key, relative and absolute
      • Fixed note method for drum patterns.
      • Alternate Strumming (flam) makes it easy to switch flam at each arpeggiator step.
      • Flam can be specified at each arpeggiator step for customized strumming.
      • Pattern changing/looping make it easy to create long patterns or programmable arpeggiator pattern changes such as key switching.
      • Remote control events can be used for pattern switching and can be configured via MIDI learn.
      • Each pattern can have an independent base scale.
      • Keys modes, specifies if notes are sounded in addition to arpeggiated notes and more.
      • Arpeggiator presets can be saved individually or as a complete set.
      • Keyboard window is resizable horizontally.
      • Expand pattern command.
      • Ties in the arpeggiator window are more intuitive now.
      • Legato duration step will play until another step plays the same tone or until the end of the pattern.
      • Dragging MIDI files to arp window selects fixed note method if initiated in a drum view.
      • 100’s of presets included.
      • Transport’s ’Stop’ button stops arpeggiator latching.
      • Much more.
    • Remote Control events are now in three user selectable and independent categories; Persistent, Document and Arpeggiator events.
    • The onscreen keyboard window step velocity is saved with the Metro document.
    • Contextual ‘View’ menu in the mixer window allows mixer channels to be viewed via ‘Show All’, ‘Hide MIDI’, ‘Hide Audio’, and ‘Hide Selection’ commands.
    • Mixer Channels can be rendered via the Mix Or Render Tracks dialog.
    • Background color for continuous data view can be specified in the general preferences dialog.
    • Swing is ignored if the quantize is a quarter note or greater.
    • Plug-ins with no GUI look better in the plug-in rack.
    • Menu item to add ‘new aux buss’ in the output popup of the instantiated effects window.
    • Help tags for the keyboard window.
    • Default number of undo steps increased to 48.
    • Alt (option on Mac) + Shift quantizes selection to note editor quantize settings.
    • Double-clicking on the punch-in or metronome buttons in the transport opens the respective dialog.
    • Metronome clicks sounds.
    • Rescan audio devices in the Digital Audio setup dialog (New for Windows only).
    • Horizontal mouse scrolling can now be emulated by user specified buttons configured in preferences. (windows)

Fixed in this version:
    • MIDI Thru was ignoring a track’s transpose setting.
    • Copying and pasting tracks unassigned to any mixer channels would sometimes not preserve the original tracks output port.
    • Better plug-in compatibility.
    • Better cross platform compatibility.
    • Increased stability.
    • Recording with the selection filter enabled would produce unexpected results.
    • Sample rate conversion would not work properly in some cases.
    • Virtual Instruments note on and note off are ordered more precisely when they start and end on the same MIDI clock.
    • Expand track loops was off by one MIDI clock per iteration.
    • It was possible, in certain rare cases that a note would lose some of its parameters when dragging its pitch up and down.
    • Count-off was not working if a plug-in was placed on an aux buss or a mixer channel.
    • It is now possible to drag MIDI files from other programs to the keyboard window arpeggiator section.
    • Plug-in Bypass was not always working properly.
    • In chain mixing of multiple zero audio input plug-ins was not always working properly.
    • A crash could have occurred when opening older Metro documents if ‘ignore window positions’ was selected from the switches menu.
    • Transpose Markers works properly now.
    • Revert would fail for Metro stationary documents.
    • Mix or Render initiated from the sections window now works as expected.
    • System exclusive recording was using 16 bits for the size, effectively limiting it to a maximum of 64k. (Windows)
    • Trim overlapped notes, in the duration dialog, was not implemented. (Windows)
    • Metro Preferences have been moved to an easier to find place, in the “SaganTechnology” folder, now found within the mydocuments folder. (Windows)
    • Numerous other bug fixes.

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Re: Metro 7.1 Now Available

Postby KLUST » Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:08 am

HI Jerm,

Very good new release, the revolution arpeggiator is very usefull...


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Re: Metro 7.1 Now Available

Postby Jerm » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:31 pm

KLUST wrote:HI Jerm,

Very good new release, the revolution arpeggiator is very usefull...



Thank you very much. Praise is gasoline for the engine.
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